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My new Orchestrator Integration Pack for Pro Logging

In Addition to my very old post about logging your workflows with logging Runbook – Orchestrator Verbose Logging your Workflow, I’ve decided to develop an Activity which will do the logging functionality instead of build a Runbook… This integration Pack Includes only one activity for logging. you can choose how to manage your logs, by […]... Read More
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Microsoft Israel’s Techdays summarizing

It’s not going to be a technical post.. just some “share moment” post from my experience 🙂 I had the honor to participate two conferences of Microsoft Techdays in Israel, the first one was about Orchestration with System Center Orchestrator – “The Orchestration Revolution” (4/3/13), me and my friend Tal Shaham (Microsoft IL) lectured about […]... Read More
Smartphone xch ops workflows

Remote incident management from your own Smartphone with Orchestrator and SCOM

The below solution is served to you as an overall idea. In the real-life solution I added more conditions and logic to the Runbooks, I hope you will find this idea useful for you. Let’s imagine a scenario; It’s Friday night, you dining in a nice restaurant… taking your first bite and then – you […]... Read More

SC 2012 SP1 Integartion Packs on SC 2012 Servers (not SP1)

I’ve upgraded customer’s Orchestrator to SP1… with the SP1 I also reinstalled the Integration Pack of Operations Manager to SP1 version. note: the customer’s Operations Manager is 2012 (without SP1). I’ve checked the integration pack (2012 SP1) on my Operations Manager (2012) and everything worked fine… not ! The Start\Stop Maintenance mode for example didn’t […]... Read More
IP Activity

Orchestrator RoboCopy Integration Pack – My OIP

The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the robocopy’s functionality into orchestrator’s UI. Yes, you could just run the robocopy with the run command activity and deal with all the switches – it can be done, but hey ! the costumers always want to see more orcherstrator functionality and less straight uses of existed windows tools. I’m […]... Read More
Integration Pack Set Variable Published Data Get Variable Published Data

Dynamic Variables in Orchestrator – My OIP

Any user which uses Orchestrator had this bad feeling when tried to implement workflow that had to use variables… Yes, we have Counters and Variables within Orchestrator but you can’t modify variables… so.. if we think about it.. its a Constant ! but wait, I need a variable which I could edit whenever I want […]... Read More
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SCSM & Orchestrator – Mail notification on Service Request reject (review activity)

I don’t know why, but when trying to deal with notifications within System Center Service Manager (SCSM), I find it very lame (yes, lame !) Well, when complexity is in the business we have System Center Orchestrator to deal it, so lets introduce the scenario : Our Private Cloud scenario is based on Self Service […]... Read More
User Q 2

SC 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Integration Pack & Orchstrator

While trying to build some Private Cloud runbook I first wanted to get the User Role Quota… well, it’s sounds easy because I’ve got a built in component for that action… As you can see… I had to add the VMM Connection that I’ve configured for working with that OIP. Everything looks great and ready […]... Read More
Configure the publish data Add vars published data data run command published data configuration data data triggering append append LogFile

How to publish data between nested policies in Opalis

Powerful option in Opalis is the ability to move data and results between nested policies, this way you can deal in more flexible way complex workflows. So… how it need to be done ? I’ve built a really simple scenario: Main workflow that run and call nested policy named “2.Nested Policy”. the nested policy run […]... Read More

Opalis 6.3 platform support & old Integration Packs

Microsoft has released the 6.3 version of Opalis. one of the main issues that were “solved” by this version was the support of 2008 & 2008 R2 (and x64 too..). Well… after struggling with the Active Directory Integration Pack on windows server 2008 R2 x64, the  conclusions  : Integration Packs that built previously to 6.3 […]... Read More