Microsoft Israel’s Techdays summarizing


It’s not going to be a technical post.. just some “share moment” post from my experience 🙂

I had the honor to participate two conferences of Microsoft Techdays in Israel, the first one was about Orchestration with System Center Orchestrator – “The Orchestration Revolution” (4/3/13), me and my friend Tal Shaham (Microsoft IL) lectured about the new abilities that Orchestrator brings to the organization, I had a great demo which demonstrated a live working Runbook with my own developed Integration Packs (Robocopy & Dynamic Vars).


The second lecture (20/5/13) was about “Debug Production Application Issues using System Center Operations Manager“, me and my friend Yaniv Shmulevich (Senior PFE @Microsoft IL) lectured about DevOps, APM and TFS synchronization. every parameter of the configuration wizard of APM was explained (Performance monitoring, Methods & Namespaces Monitoring, Similar & Related Events, etc.). We had a demo with “homemade” application which demonstrated Server & Client side exceptions. We showed how to assign these alerts\exception to TFS and how we can see it within the AppDiagnostic, AppAdvisor, etc.


Link to the above lecture’s presentation – Debug Production Application Issues using System Center Operations Manager

More about the last event on Technet’s Blog

Well, it’s been a pleasure to take part and to serve the IT community of IL, this post was a short summarizing of the events.

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