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Semperis @CyberTech 2015

Between the 23.4.15 to 24.4.15, Semperis took part at the CyberTech 2015 conference (the largest exhibition and conference of cyber technologies outside of the U.S.). It was a great pleasure to meet new people and see the interest of the crowd from Semperis’s solutions. we introduced our Disaster Recovery (ADFR) and Change Management (ADSM) solutions that […]... Read More

New Vulnerability in Kerberos Allow Elevation of Privilege

It’s just a week after a major security breach has been found in Active Directory Secure Channel mechanism (MS14-066, CVE-2014-6321) , and now, one more is joining the party – More could be read in a post I uploaded to my company blog – Vulnerability in Kerberos Allow Elevation of Privilege   Update (8/12/14): PoC […]... Read More
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The effective way to do a TO-DO list

I’m an old fashion when it comes to my daily tasks list. I still use a notebook instead of OneNote or any other famous applications out there. In my opinion, Dedicated hard-copy written text brings more attention with it as compared to any another excel\note which available in my computer\smartphone. But still… that’s my own […]... Read More
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Active Directory attributes list CSV generator

Quick post of an old fashioned vbs script I’ve just finished to adapt to my needs (it is written in a rusty way, I know), the script based on origin script by “Scripting Guy blog”. The following adapted script generates CSV file with all Active Directory attributes and some useful (what I was need) information […]... Read More

Jun User Group presentations

Yesterday, we had Liraz Barak (NTLM restriction) and Martin Schvartzman (PS Remoting ) presentations, so… Attached : NTLM restriction by Liraz Barak PS Remoting (+ scripts) by Martin Schvartzman i would like to thank them both. Update: In addition to the presentation by Martin from previous week, I’ve found a great tutorial for Installation of […]... Read More