Jun User Group presentations

Yesterday, we had Liraz Barak (NTLM restriction) and Martin Schvartzman (PS Remoting ) presentations, so… Attached : NTLM restriction by Liraz Barak PS Remoting (+ scripts) by Martin Schvartzman i would like to thank them both. Update: In addition to the presentation by Martin from previous week, I’ve found a great tutorial for Installation of […]... Read More

Recent User Group’s presentations

Sorry about the delay, attached the links to the recent user group meetings presentations: DSC in PowerShell 4.0 (+ scripts) by Martin Schvartzman Pass-the-Hash What is it & What to do about it by Benny Lakunishok Dump Analyzing by Dinor Geler Software Defined Storage by Moti Bani Top 10 PowerShell mistakes and traps to avoid […]... Read More

Microsoft IL – Infrastructure & Management User Group

As the group’s Manager, I’ll upload under the Tag “User Group” content related to the User Group, my readers are from all over the world so I’ll make a note that the content I’m uploading under this tag is in Hebrew. As for now, I’m including the links to the presentations from February and March: […]... Read More
IP Activity

Orchestrator RoboCopy Integration Pack – My OIP

The RoboCopy Integration Pack brings the robocopy’s functionality into orchestrator’s UI. Yes, you could just run the robocopy with the run command activity and deal with all the switches – it can be done, but hey ! the costumers always want to see more orcherstrator functionality and less straight uses of existed windows tools. I’m […]... Read More
Write-host error

Runing Powershell Scripts in Opalis \ Orchestrator – “Cannot invoke this function because the current host does not implement it”

Heres a short tip. When working with “RUN .Net Script” component in Opalis \ Orchestrator it’s important to remember that all the running process is behind the scene which means that any console interact like keyboard input & screen output like write-host won’t work. In addition to this declare, running scripts with any interacting commands […]... Read More

OpsMgr – Reset Monitor state with powershell

I had to use monitor instead of rule (missing expression filtering option in some rule type) but without affecting the object state… well, this is my workaround for this request (part of the script is based on Scotts Moss’s script): Creating the monitor uncheck the “Automatically resolve the alert when the monitor returns to a health […]... Read More

System Center Essentials, Operations Manager & Powershell – short tip

While working with SCE, OpsMgr and Powershell I’ve noticed that SCE & OpsMgr doesn’t output the same data as expected, for example, I’ve tried to count the number of Critical Errors that has resolution state zero… Well.. on first look, everything looks fine when there are alerts which equal this term, but what did happen […]... Read More

How to find out the health state of object in OpsMgr via Powershell

recently i had to face some rule which need to output the health state of some Distributed Applications in OpsMgr, I used the Operations Manager module for powershell.. .after long researching I finally built the below code : $ObjectState = (get-monitoringclass | Where-Object {$_.displayname -eq “Operations Manager Management Group” -and $_.Description -like “This type represents […]... Read More