Dynamic Variables in Orchestrator – My OIP


Any user which uses Orchestrator had this bad feeling when tried to implement workflow that had to use variables…

Yes, we have Counters and Variables within Orchestrator but you can’t modify variables… so.. if we think about it.. its a Constant ! but wait, I need a variable which I could edit whenever I want within the workflow… so.. no more writing and reading from files only for information holding… I’ve “developed” a tiny Integration Pack which implements the uses of variables.

The Integration Pack has 3 components:

  1. Set Variable which creates or set existed variable.
  2. Get Variable Data which get the variable data and publish its data as result published data.
  3. Delete Variable – well… you know what is that.

The Set Variable publish it’s name and data so you could use the variable name within the workflow from this component:

Download & more details could be found within the integration pack page on CodePlex

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