How to publish data between nested policies in Opalis


Powerful option in Opalis is the ability to move data and results between nested policies, this way you can deal in more flexible way complex workflows.

So… how it need to be done ?

I’ve built a really simple scenario:

  1. Main workflow that run and call nested policy named “2.Nested Policy”.
  2. the nested policy run some command locally in my example… it run the hostname command.
  3. the nested policy publish the pure results of the command and send it back to the parent policy.
  4. the parent policy write the published data\output to some log file.

Well… screenshots :

Configure the publish data by clicking the properties of the nested policy:

Add variables which will represent the back data :




The configuration of the run command (“hostname”):

Publish data configuration:



The configuration needed for the triggering of the nested policy:

The “Append to file” object configuration:


and the final results after running the policy:

That’s it 🙂

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