SC 2012 SP1 Integartion Packs on SC 2012 Servers (not SP1)


I’ve upgraded customer’s Orchestrator to SP1… with the SP1 I also reinstalled the Integration Pack of Operations Manager to SP1 version.
note: the customer’s Operations Manager is 2012 (without SP1).

I’ve checked the integration pack (2012 SP1) on my Operations Manager (2012) and everything worked fine… not !
The Start\Stop Maintenance mode for example didn’t work as I expected, Why ? the class which used as an input in the monitor field before was not present anymore as it should:

Microsoft.Windows.Computer:<Computer name>


So when you’ll run the runbook you will get an error like this:
Failed to get Monitor. The exception was “An object of class MonitoringObject with ID 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 was not found.”.

Rolling back to the old integration pack solved the problem\this error…
My only tip for you is – don’t try to use SC SP1 Integration Packs on SC (not SP1) servers, even if it looks like it works (Service Manager SP1 IP worked fine for example, but still…)

Note: SP1 Integration Pack on SP1 Server works fine… this is not an Integration Pack bug !

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