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SCOM 2012 APM “An unhandled exception has occurred” event 1309

Within System Center Operations Manager 2012’s Web Console installation, the setup installs Application Advisor and Application Diagnostic – both, Application Performance Monitoring (APM a.k.a AVICode) components. It’s all nice and good, but you may found yourself dealing with the below error while trying to access the Application Advisor and Application Diagnostic URLs: “We apologize for […]... Read More
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SCSM & Orchestrator – Mail notification on Service Request reject (review activity)

I don’t know why, but when trying to deal with notifications within System Center Service Manager (SCSM), I find it very lame (yes, lame !) Well, when complexity is in the business we have System Center Orchestrator to deal it, so lets introduce the scenario : Our Private Cloud scenario is based on Self Service […]... Read More

HP’s Enclosures Management Pack (for 2007) with System Center Operations Manager 2012

– Quick Tip – That post going to be very stright forward without any screenshots (sorry… :)) When implementing HP Enclosures management pack, the HP Blade System Enclosure Monitor program won’t start without having the Trap Service. this could be a problem while OpsMgr 2012 can’t monitor its network devices while the SNMP Trap service is exists […]... Read More
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Licensed Orchestrator – Evaluation Version 0 day(s) left

I admit, I never ‘logoff’ my session in my Orchestrator server, yesterday, I logged on my session and navigated to the Runbook Designer… Quick look at the UI show :  “Evaluation Version 0 day(s) left” : What ?! What ?! Why ??? – this is a RTM version which I already evaluated before. Clicking the […]... Read More
User Q 2

SC 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Integration Pack & Orchstrator

While trying to build some Private Cloud runbook I first wanted to get the User Role Quota… well, it’s sounds easy because I’ve got a built in component for that action… As you can see… I had to add the VMM Connection that I’ve configured for working with that OIP. Everything looks great and ready […]... Read More
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DupMyWorkspace Tool – Duplicate “My Workspace” to bulk users

Long time since I’v developed any useful tool which could help me in some of my daily work… well.. this tool is a result of costumer’s “just kidding” request. so… what the hell I’m talking about ?! I’m sure you knew before what is “My Workspace”… now, imagine yourself you could duplicate some customized “My […]... Read More
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Opalis \ Orchestrator Verbose Logging your Workflow

Most of people who develop Orchestrator workflows think straight forward about the logical solution of the problem that Orchestrator has to solve. I find it very important to log your steps within the workflow, this is why I’ve “developed” my own way to handle the logging part in the workflows: First of all, this is […]... Read More
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Monitor VMWare ESX with SCOM & vCenter for free !

I’ll open with a statement: 3rd party VMWare management packs have their own benefits and you may find this post too light for your monitoring definition. monitoring ESX Servers could be done in few ways… all based syslog, snmp & DB querying because no agent is available… After short research I’ve found it very convenient […]... Read More
Write-host error

Runing Powershell Scripts in Opalis \ Orchestrator – “Cannot invoke this function because the current host does not implement it”

Heres a short tip. When working with “RUN .Net Script” component in Opalis \ Orchestrator it’s important to remember that all the running process is behind the scene which means that any console interact like keyboard input & screen output like write-host won’t work. In addition to this declare, running scripts with any interacting commands […]... Read More

Opalis 6.3 & Self Service Portal (SSP) – Saving life Configurations

Maybe it won’t be the most useful post for the daily implementation of Opalis & Self Service Portal, but one small incident made my life hard… After successful integration between Opalis & Self Service Portal, it was time to add some policies to the process of creating a Virtual Machine… trying query the policies from […]... Read More