DupMyWorkspace Tool – Duplicate “My Workspace” to bulk users


Long time since I’v developed any useful tool which could help me in some of my daily work… well.. this tool is a result of costumer’s “just kidding” request.

so… what the hell I’m talking about ?!

I’m sure you knew before what is “My Workspace”… now, imagine yourself you could duplicate some customized “My Workspace” to bulk users with option to control their “My Workspace” profile.

So.. how to use ? – Very simple:

  1. Create “My Workspace” template within some dummy\real user’s Operations Manager Console profile.
  2. Configure in the tool the SCOM DB Server & DB Name
  3. enter Source username (which the profile will be duplicated from)
  4. enter Destination users (which the profile will be duplicate to)
  5. choose if to append to user’s existed Views or not (Unchecking the “Append Views” will remove any existed view of the users)
  6. Click the “Duplicate Workspace”

That’s it. simple as that.

Download link: DupMyWorkspace

.NET 4 is required, use it within Active Directory environment & make sure you have permissions to OpsMgr DB.

note: the tool Duplicate \ Removes only shortcut views (views you chose from the Monitoring pane to Add to My Workspace) for now…

Tested only on Operations Manager 2007 R2… I’ll update about 2012 soon…

if you find any bug – report me. Thanks in advance !

8 thoughts on “DupMyWorkspace Tool – Duplicate “My Workspace” to bulk users

  1. Hi,

    This is a great tool.

    But, I would be interested in doing the following:

    Transferring a My Workspace view from one SCOM environment to another.
    e.g.: SCOM 2007 R2 to SCOM 2012.

    Or can you please let me know in which table the My Workspace Views are stored?


  2. Echo of above comments, thanks for this developing this tool; I’ve not been able to test as we are running SCOM 2012 SP1; any thoughts on an update to support this environment?

    Thx in advance~

      1. Hi Sharon,

        Awesome site… very helpful.
        Quick question, do you have any update for duplicating ‘My Workspace’ in SCOM 2012?

        Many Thanks


        1. Hi,
          Thank you.
          Sorry, but I couldn’t find the source code of this tool 🙁

          I promise that if I’ll find I’ll upload it ASAP.
          Again, thank you !

  3. Hi. Can you please fix the download link and possibly post the 2012 version. If not just post the 2007 source and I can fix it.

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